Sunday, March 29, 2015

Coffee As Healer for Cancer and Diabetes

Sipping a cup of hot coffee in the morning inconceivable pleasure. Moreover, continued exercise by running several kilometers, that feels not only pleasure, but also freshness and healing of dangerous diseases.

Many people do not believe that coffee has efficacy to reduce a man's risk of dying from prostate cancer. But based on a study, consuming several cups of coffee a day and combined with active exercise, the threat of prostate cancer will be much reduced.

Although there is no evidence of a combined drinking several cups of coffee each day with physical activity can prevent prostate cancer, but data from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study to support the findings.

"I do not recommend people drink coffee after these findings. But for coffee connoisseurs, there is no reason to reduce their habit of this, "said Kathryn M. Wilson, epidemiology researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health, who also examined the relationship between coffee drinking and exercise with a reduced risk of death from prostate cancer.

The data shows that women have over 20 years from 1986 to 2006, there were 4,975 cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed, but there are only 846 cases of life-threatening.

And although the study by Wilson have not found a clear link between the consumption of up to six cups of coffee per day over with reduced risk of all types of prostate cancer (down about 19​​%).

But the reduction in the risk for malignant prostate cancers are bigger, ie 41%. While there is a clear relationship between the amount of coffee consumption with the risk of prostate cancer.

For those who drink a lot of coffee, the effect is greater. It has not been shown that the caffeine in coffee as a trigger, because the same reduction in risk was also seen in the non-caffeine coffee drinkers.

From this it can be drawn that the real common thread that coffee can reduce the risk of prostate cancer threat. In fact, in many studies it is known that coffee also may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

But in a study by Stacey A. Kenfield, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, the physical activity of 2,686 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, found that the death rate from prostate cancer decreased. The death rate for prostate cancer patients actively exercise 12% lower compared to those lazy physical activity.

Espresso brewing, showing desirable dark reddish-brown crema

So basically, diligent exercise, because physical activity can reduce the risk of death from any cause.

Similarly, at least the results of a recent study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. Approximately 39 percent of regular coffee drinker (regularly) apparently reduce the risk of head and neck cancer.

Those who drank four or more cups of coffee, is estimated to have a power hempang against cancers of the mouth and throat than non coffee drinkers.

"Coffee contains more than a thousand chemicals, some have antioxidant and antimutagenic activities," said Mia Hashibe, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Utah and the study's lead researcher.

"Further research is needed to identify the substance in coffee that is responsible for the results in the study. But recent research is getting close to opening the mysterious force behind the amazing drinks.

Coffee, ranging from efficacy to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes to sharpen memory, most studies show that coffee consumption is very good, but why is that? Scientists are still trying to determine what the actual content of the coffee that can provide disease-fighting properties.

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