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Benefits of Zinc

Zinc Benefits for Your Health

Since the time in high school chemistry lesson we certainly know a given mineral symbol Zn (zinc). This mineral is needed for our body because it has a very important role although the amount can be fairly small.

The recommended daily dose of zinc varies in each person. The recommended daily dose of zinc is 15 mg / day for adult males and 12 mg / day for adult women.

Benefits of zinc mineral for human health:

   1.  Support protein synthesis and collagen formation thereby accelerating the wound healing process
   3.  For men helps prevent prostate enlargement
   4.  Helps the liver in removing metabolic waste
   5.  Help prevent breakouts by regulating oil glands work
   6.  Help the normal function of the pancreas to produce insulin
   7.  Prevent hair loss
   8.  Increase semen production
   9.  Overcome night blindness
   10. Stimulates the activity of over 200 enzymes in the human body
   11. Increase the metabolism of hormones
   12. Address the growing interference of intelligence in children
   13. Overcome the infection of the mouth / tongue / thrush
   14. Act as aromatize (an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen) inhibitor.
   15. Increase testosterone production

Zinc deficiency can have some adverse effects on the body such as hypogonadal, a condition in which the body lacks the reproductive hormones. For men, an effect that can be seen is the emergence of breasts in men (gynecomastia).

However, do not go overboard in taking zinc as well as it also has adverse effects such pressing immune and can also cause epilepsy.

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Benefits of Zinc
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