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The Benefits Of HIV

The Benefits of HIV to Cure Cancer

HIV treating cancer
The Benefits Of HIV - Emma Whitehead. ©
HIV is a virus that attacks and damages the immune system so that we could not hold out against the diseases that attack our bodies. When our immune system is damaged or weak, then we will be attacked by various diseases that are all around us such as tuberculosis, diarrhea, sore skin, etc.. Collection of symptoms of a disease that attacks the body it is called AIDS (A=Acquired, I=Immune, D=deficiency, S=Syndrome)

This disease is a dangerous and deadly disease, but did you know that the HIV virus has benefits in treating leukimia cancer? refer to the following article.

Emma Brooke Whitehead, six-year-old son of Phillipsburg, had incurable leukemia last April. Doctors who treated him for two years had almost given up because it has made ​​every effort existing treatments. Until they do a treatment that has not been tried before, namely Emma heal using the HIV virus.

They move millions of white blood cells belong to Emma and replace them with HIV. HIV is included in the body is expected to work like a deadly rocket for leukemia cancer cells.

"This treatment is the only chance we have. He has been treated with a variety of chemotherapy, but to no avail," said Dr. Stephan Grupp, doctors who use HIV on Emma.

After the treatment, she became very ill. He had a fever up to 105 degrees, and his family were told to prepare to receive the worst news.

After that, the doctor gave Emma rheumatoid arthritis drugs that are intended to restrain the immune system reactions and prevent negative effects on the body of Emma. After 12 hours, a miracle occurred, and the Emma circumstances stabilizes .

"He was the first child to undergo this treatment, so we were asked to not expect anything," said Kari Whitehead, mother Emma, as reported by ABC News (10/12).

Miraculously, after examination, the doctor did not find indications of leukemia cancer cells in the body of Emma again, even when they are using the most sensitive detection tool. But the researchers found Emma circumstances should always be kept and monitored for several years to come.

"We have to see it again after a few years into the future to see if the cancer has been cured completely. Currently still too early to conclude," said Grupp.

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